The group is formed in 1996. The line up varied up to the end of 1996 and was finally generated to the beginning of 1997. In 1997 the group gives a line of large gigs with next bands: Little Dead Bertha (Voronezh), S.C.A.L.P. (Orel), Gallows Foul (Voronezh), RAI (Moscow), Confession (Voronezh) and many by others. In 1998 - dissolution of group because of creative disagreements. 1999 - reformed of collective in structure::

Jeff - guitar
Fox - guitar
McDie - vocal
Axen - bass
White - drums

 In 2000 the band recorded demo tape " Nihil Pathologicum ".
After presentation demo on a festival " the Summer is cancelled " (01.06.2000) bands parts with guitar player Jeff , which gave all time to the project Lycanthropy.
On replacement Jeff'a another comes sadist above strings - Alan. For an interval of time with 01.06.2000 on 01.06.2001 the contracts on distribution of a material of band by the following production/distro are signed with: NORD prod (RUS), ETERNAL DEATH prod (RUS), MORE HATE prod (RUS) (sublabel SDM records), SPITE prod (UKR), S.M.C. (SPONTANEOUS MUSICAL COMBUSTION) (MEXICO) . "Necropsy" has got on " Awaking to grind monsters comp. ? 2 ", let out Eternal Death prod.
For this time the band acts on festivals " STOP THE ALIEN ", " STOP THE ALIEN 2 ", death metal a festival " MANIACAL PROGRESSION -5 ", which passed in territory of Ukraine c by participation MENTAL DEMISE, BREDOR, DATURA and others.
In parallel band has written down cover on " Stripped, Raped and Strangled " for tribute " Seeds of the Cannibalism ", which should leave on NORD prod. The nearest plans of group - record of a high-grade album under the working name " Frozen to Dead ", in which will enter replaying of a composition from first demo and new material. Is at present created side project OPEN WOUND, which compositions are sustained in grind core style.

Band contact:
Potapov Roman
Tupoleva str 20-148
Voronezh, 394028

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