08/10/02 The new section -RIP-off has opened. All wishing can familiarize with the constantly filled up list  of "figures.
30/07/02 On hearings, it will be possible new vocal from former group Nosferatus..
20/07/02 The review from Under Black Water NL was added. In development section MP4!! (video)
16/07/02 Group leaves frontman McDie (vocal). The further destiny of collective under a question.
14/07/02Sorry for bugs, which can will appear in a near future in connection with reorganization of a site.
16/06/02  In club " 100 rivers " was held metal gig with participation NECROPSY, BERTHA, CTREM, RAINWILL. The report on a concert can be read << here>> .
13/05/02 The section of the Links was updated..
10/05/02 In Juneis planed the gig with DISASTER in territory of Ukraine.
27/04/02Band is declared on compilation CD, which will leave it is not known when but precisely on Gore DEATHGRIND.
05/02/02 Now works guestbook. The review from Gore DEATHGRIND ' zine was added. The section МР3-works!!!
15/01/02 The sections:Links and Press were updated. Was added The review from ENCONIUM ' zine №3 and interview for BREATHATE Letter №2.
19/12/01 The site safely has gone through one more mutation. The reviews from BREATHATE LETTER and NORD ' zine were added. In section Press  was added interview for NORD ' zine № 2. 
23/10 Now group are works above a material for a new album under the name  ''Frozen to Dead".
18/10/01 Today was opening an official site of Russian death metal  group NECROPSY.

If you have questions to group - write to this address:
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